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Evidence has shown that there is a relationship between inflammatory disease psoriasis and psychological factors within the brain, (the diffuse brain). Interventions targeted at improving psychological well being of patients who endorse high stress and depression could be particularly well suited to dampening the inflammatory response. (Chapman & Moynihan, 2010)

Many interventions aimed at the reduction of stress in the treatment of psoriasis, as well as psychological symptoms have proved to be successful. Hypnosis is one alternative therapy with evidence of utility for the patients. Psoriasis patients improved significantly during hypnosis sessions in which suggestions were made of the patient being exposed to “whatever they believed…would ameliorate their condition”.                                                                                                                 Results of the study suggest that hypnosis may be a useful therapeutic modality for highly hypnotizable subjects with psoriasis. (Tausk f1, whitmore se & Tausk, 1999)

Psycho-education is an important step to understanding stress, anxiety and physiological changes that can occur when under pressure.

AG Confidentiality Therapy specialises in cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy, a form of psychotherapy known to have an exceptionally high success rate.

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