Low Self-Esteem Therapy London

Self-esteem is related to how we view ourselves and the confidence we possess within ourselves and towards our lives in general. Having a healthy level of self-esteem is important for growth and dealing with certain adversities in our lives in a constructive way.
Contrarily, low-self esteem means that we are negatively viewing ourselves, often in a critical manner which can reduce confidence significantly and limit our ability to handle certain situations in life as well as affecting our overall feelings.  
Undoubtedly, we have all experienced low-self esteem and a lack of confidence at times. However, where the feeling is persistent for a prolonged period of time, this becomes problematic and can lead to other mental conditions such as depression.

At AG Confidential Therapy we aim to overcome low-self esteem through CBT. By changing your thoughts and the way you view yourself, we can increase positivity which will, in turn, increase your level of confidence. In addition, Hypnotherapy will also increase your positivity, particularly in your thought process through the use of positive suggestions. Each treatment may be administered alone or together for more effective results.

AG Confidentiality Therapy specialises in cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy, a form of psychotherapy known to have an exceptionally high success rate.

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