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Agoraphobia is the persistent and irrational fear of public and open places. The person suffering from this disorder would avoid certain open places or situations such as  enclosed crowded places, shopping centres, standing in line and sometimes they may even avoid certain family functions. 

One of the main reasons for avoiding such places and situations is due to the fear of having no escape where help may not be present if an embarrassing situation occurs such as falling or when panic-like symptoms occur.

There is not a particular or obvious cause of Agoraphobia and it appears that a number of factors may be responsible for the development of the disorder. It is typically thought that the disorder develops after a person experiences a panic attack in a public place, therefore an association between the panic attack and a public place is created. Genetic inheritance is another factor that has also been linked to the cause of Agoraphobia, as it maybe passed on from one generation to another. Furthermore, specific chemical reactions within the brain including leakage or imbalances are considered as potential factors. It is therefore impossible to identify one, specific factor as the cause for the onset of the disorder.

Fortunately,  the treatments for Agoraphobia are plentiful and may be either the sole administration of medication or therapy such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), or both treatments combined depending on the severity of the disorder.

AG Confidentiality Therapy specialises in cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy, a form of psychotherapy known to have an exceptionally high success rate.

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